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Considering Boudoir Photos? Don’t Wait.

Don’t Wait.

That goes for most things in life. It is easy to make excuses why we can’t do something. Then we justify it, and pretend we really didn’t want to do that thing, though we secretly did, or do want to. We hear women say that they want to do a shoot, but they can’t right now, because they need to go to the gym first and get in shape…. If you are interested in boudoir photos you should just go for it. Guess what, you can always do them again after you lose that weight if you want. But don’t regret never doing it and documenting how good you look now, today. Even supermodel Cindy Crawford has regrets, now in her 50’s and still taking amazing photos, she regrets not taking more nude photos when she was younger, as she stated here in Net a Porter magazine.

‘Why wasn’t I walking around naked all the time?’” she laughs. “I’m not getting younger. So I want to celebrate who I am today.”
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Brides magazine says every Bride should seriously consider a Bridal Boudoir shoot: “Sure, getting your picture taken while posing in lingerie may seem intimidating, but with the right photographer and attitude, it can be a totally liberating experience!” Whether its a bridal boudoir or just for yourself, you won’t regret the fun time you will have shooting your Boston boudoir session. Need more reasons to do a boudoir?

  1. They are Fun
  2. An good excuse to drink mimosas
  3. You can buy some sexy lingerie
  4. Give the photos to someone
  5. You get dolled up
  6. Bring your friend for more fun
  7. Gain confidence in front of the camera
  8. Have a totally liberating experience
  9. Stare at your amazing photos, and do it again
If you keep making excuses why you can’t, you never will. Sarah
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